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Palmreading as lifestyle

Mark & Joanna Seltman may look like an average couple, but Mark's hobby-turned-lifestyle of reading palms helped him read the future, and therefore make better life decisions when it came to raising their family.

Palmreading in Eat, Pray Love

Julia Roberts visits a palmistry expert on Bali who reveals surprising insights.

Learn palmistry basics yourself

In this howcast tutorial you learn the basics of reading a hand. Get an understanding of different lines and what they (not) mean.

Jennifer Lawrence Palm Reading

See what an expert can derive from Jennifer Lawrence hand - a person might have different sides less known.


Choose which experience level you want your palmist to have.

3*** Palmist

These palmists have years of professional experience and are quality checked.




4*** Palmist

Advanced palmist with very deep understanding. Most popular choice.



Most popular

Guru palmist who belongs to the best palmists in the world.



Satisfaction Guarantee

We work hard to get you the best possible . Yet, there might be cases where we could have done better. If you are not satisfied with our efforts and you think the reading you received is total bogus, we will provide you a second free of charge.

The second reading will be conducted by another independent palmistry expert. However, please understand that a palm reading can (and usually does) contain conflicting information.

In the end, we what to offer you a risk-free and high-quality premium .

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